Whether for the confidence, the control or the legality, don’t under estimate the value and genuine requirement for regular inspections on your multi-let portfolios.

Much like any form of management, frequent levels of inspection ensure the standard within your multi-lets are maintained at a high level.

If left to their own devices (especially over the span of a 6 month tenancy) the property will fall to the lowest level of personal standard in the house and then only travel in one direction, down. A spoon will turn into a plate, a plate to a dinner set and before you know it you have student city smack back in the centre of your ‘Professional’ Multi-Let.

Inspect your properties regularly to keep well on top of them, primarily the communal areas, and pay close attention to areas that otherwise easily slip such as bins, washing up, storage, clothing etc.

Not only this, you have a range of legal obligations as a multi-let landlord that must be recorded in such a way that if they were called upon, they provided the necessary information to prove in a court of law that the required tests and compliance’s were adhered to.

At Multi-Let UK we complete inspections every fortnight which may sound high but it is completed in a way that ensures the property is kept clean and tidy whist the tenants are extended the capacity to enjoy their professional houseshare without feeling intruded upon or policed. It’s taken a few years to get it right but the results speak for themselves and are game changing within the successful marketing and sales of professional houseshare rooms in today’s market.

If you currently have 50+ HMO/Multi-Let rooms in your area and would like to discuss the opportunity of working with Multi-Let in 2017 and beyond please find out more or register your interest or join us on one of our upcoming Multi-Let UK webinars.