They say the devil is in the detail and never was a truer word spoken but in the case of the Multi-Let referencing and contracts process.

With every challenging tenant, missed rent payment, damaged piece of property or houseshare fall-out, you learn more and more about what can be done to reduce tenant fall-out and charges incurred in the process.

Off-the-shelf contracts will provide most of the legal framework required to operate in the private rental sector, however it is the layer above this that is customised to Multi-Lets that provides the highest value.

Examples of things you want to overcome to maximise returns and minimise headaches include:

  • Maximum security of rent roll against tenancy
  • Claiming damages
  • Managing utility usage
  • Control of house dynamics
  • Minimising late payments

The list is endless but selecting the correct tenant, achieving the required amount of security and having a robust contract of bespoke multi-let terms will significantly increase the returns you can make from your portfolio and reduce the chaos and costs you experience.

At Multi-Let UK head office we have a dedicated finance team of qualified professionals including accounts, bookkeeping, new lets, referencing and credit control that ensure every tenancy that is issued meets our strict criteria and has the maximum security for every one of our clients properties.

If you currently have 50+ HMO/Multi-Let rooms in your area and would like to discuss the opportunity of working with Multi-Let in 2017 and beyond please find out more or register your interest or join us on one of our upcoming Multi-Let UK webinars.