Welcome to Multi-Let

Multi-Let UK UK invested a significant amount of capital in building a portfolio of a couple of hundred professional houseshare rooms only to quickly establish there was no company on the market that had the legal and operational expertise required for successful management.

A number of single let agent horror stories later, the Directors formed Multi-Let UK, the Professional Houseshare Portfolio Management Company to ensure their investments operated well in the short-term and assets secured for the long term.

Fast forward to today, with a portfolio rapidly heading toward 1,000 Multi-Let rooms, Multi-let UK are leading the way in professional houseshare Portfolio Management. We are multi-award-winning because we have custom built the required operations and implemented inspections, audits and reports needed to ensure that the increasing regulation and legislation is adhered to at every one of our client’s properties. We are proud of what we have achieved, but don’t just take our word for it.